"I felt unsafe:" Driver quits after another fight breaks out on school bus

“I felt unsafe: “ Driver quits after another fight breaks out on school bus

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A student was beaten up on a school bus ride home from the Milwaukee Academy of Science on Tuesday. 

The same day, an 8th grader was knocked unconscious by a 7th grader from Milwaukee Academy of Chinese Language on a bus with a different company. 

In both incidents, Milwaukee Police say one person was arrested and cited.

Former bus driver Yanova Kasiya is now calling for change. 

“Today I quit my job at Lakeside because I felt unsafe," said Kasiya. 

She was assigned a route from Milwaukee Academy of Science. According to Kasiya, last week a mother was picking up several kids from a stop when her son complained that a student on the bus messed with him. The woman came onto the bus and screamed at him.

Yanova got in the way of the mother and the student and told her that she would write up the student and report it to the school. A week later, the mother came back with three people. 

On Tuesday, "three people entered my bus and started beating on a 14-year-old student," said Kasiya. 

The driver said she felt defenseless since they are trained not to get involved or step in that kind of situation. After she called dispatch, police and a supervisor arrived on the scene. 

“They told me that somebody would ride along with me the rest of the week for the safety of the kids but that didn’t happen,' said Kasiya. 

With the recent incident and training issues, Kasiya decided to quit. 

“I also wanted to implement some safety precautions that would help for future for the students and the driver to be safe," said Kasiya. 

Milwaukee Police said one person was cited for battery and arrested. Both Lakeside Bus and the Milwaukee Academy of Science are not commenting since it's an open investigation. 

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