Hunger Task Force starts program to donate for Milwaukee homeless

NOW: Hunger Task Force starts program to donate for Milwaukee homeless

Winter is a dangerous time for the homeless.

"When the temperatures fall, people are going to be at risk of serious health problems, and some people could freeze to death," Hunger Task Force Director Sherrie Tussler said.

City leaders held a press conference Thursday to say they need people to step up and donate.

"We want to invite the citizens of Milwaukee to get in this game," Ald. Bob Donovan said. "To get involved and to help in whatever way they possibly can."

Hunger Task Force made it easier to give. They partnered with BMO Harris to form the homeless assistance fund.

Tussler says the easiest way to donate is on the Hunger Task Force website, in the link above.

"They can make a contribution from the comfort of their own home, knowing that they're helping one of these folks get into a house."

You can also donate at any BMO Harris location in the Milwaukee area.

Right now, local warming centers only open their doors to homeless when it's 20 degrees or colder. City leaders say they want to raise enough money to open them at 32 degrees or colder.

"We are a a very generous community, and we are making this plea and pledge to say come on," Ald. Mark Borkowski said. "We need to help these poor people."

All money donated will go toward homeless shelters and warming centers in the area.

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