Hundreds rally for higher wages on Labor Day

NOW: Hundreds rally for higher wages on Labor Day

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Hundreds showed up on the Summerfest grounds in Milwaukee to rally for better wages.

Workers and union representatives joined the regular Labor Day parade in a show of solidarity for the American worker.

It wasn’t just the fight for 15 workers, non-union hospital workers joined as well.

The march started on 11th and State Street and made its way to the new Bucks arena before joining the Labor Day parade.

Union representatives pushed for a  $15 minimum wage and also to give unions more power in the state.

Wisconsin Democratic Congressional candidate and union iron worker Randy Bryce says Labor Day is a great opportunity for workers to come together and fight for higher wages.

“We’re fighting just for minimum wage. This isn’t for CEOs to get richer, they’re already taken care of. This is for people like me that pack a lunch every day and go to work and for everybody else that you look around. The hospital workers, fast food workers, every job has an amount of dignity and there’s no reason people can’t feel proud of what they do to contribute to society,” says Bryce.

Milwaukee is just part of the Fight for 15’s demonstrations. The group held 300 events nationwide on Monday.

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