Hundreds of Families Support Local Police Departments through Yard Signs

A number of local police departments are making signs available to their residents, to show their support for local officers.

Families are showing their support for law enforcement by simply dropping off treats, and posting yard signs.

Flags fly at half staff at both Greenfield and Germantown department headquarters, in support of fallen police officers. Throughout Germantown, signs backing our police officers line the streets of hundreds of homes. Police chief Peter Hoell says the support is a welcome sight.

"When the officers are out there on patrol, they'll periodically see the signs. That's that reminder that they are appreciated and it helps morale," says chief Hoell. 

The idea was sparked by the Citizens Police Academy. So far 200 signs have been sold.

"We do hear that negative narrative. There a lot to of great people working o. Law enforcement and having their support really helps," says chief Hoell. 

Over in Greenfield, the Police Department is getting an overwhelming number of people wanting signs the department says will be available this Friday. More than 100 signs plan to be given out, and officers plan to order more next week. The support doesn't stop there. 

"People coming into the station, thanking our officers on the street. Bringing in treats and cards and flowers at a level I've never seen in my career, says Greenfield Chief Bradley Wentlandt.

Officers say they don't want to be perceived in a negative image,given the recent killings of black men at the hands of police.

"We want to hold bad cops accountable. We truly do. I do believe that the vast majority of law enforcement are good people," says Chief Hoell. 

The money raised for the signs sold in Germantown goes toward the department's honor guard. Families in Greenfield can pick up their signs on Friday.

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