Human Cases of West Nile Virus Reported in Sheboygan and Milwaukee Counties

The first confirmed human case of West Nile Virus has been confirmed in Sheboygan County. According to the Department of Health Services there is also a probably case of human West Nile Virus in Milwaukee County. Each probably case goes through a testing process sent to the CDC which can take up to four weeks. Once the results are known the case will be confirmed as West Nile Virus or thrown out. 

Specific locations of the cases within each county were not released.

State and local health officials advise residents to protect themselves against mosquito bites.

Adults who have compromised immune systems are at an increased risk. WNV is spread through the bite of an infected mosquito and is not transmitted person to person. Symptoms of the WNV begin between 3 to 15 days after being bitten by an infected mosquito and can include a fever, headache, and rash.

In rare cases, symptoms can also include muscle weakness, stiff neck, disorientation, tremors, convulsions, paralysis and coma. There is no specific treatment for WNV, but it is recommended to apply insect repellent and minimize time spent outdoors in the evening.

The first human case reported in the state was in 2002 and was followed by 52 other cases that same year. In 2015, nine cases have been reported among Wisconsin residents.

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