Huge Bicycle Donation for Milwaukee Non-Profit Dream Bikes, Inc.

A huge donation for the local non-profit that works with at risk youth.

Dream Bikes, Inc. was given 260 bikes.

Its program helps teenagers learns skills that will help them transition into adulthood.

It works with the Boys and Girls Club to find workers who are trained to fix up the bicycles and learn something about themselves in the process.

"We work on puzzles," explained Kevin Ward of Dream Bikes. "Sometimes they're very old bikes. Sometimes they're new bikes. A lot of the times these kids don't know really how to do things. We teach them and they can apply those skills they learn to different assets in their life."

The DreamBikes bike drive ran from October 7th until October 17th.

Students from Wisconsin Lutheran College were accepting bikes until midnight October 17th.

The bike drive, Recycle Your Cycles is a part of the Kapco Charitable Challenge.

Drop off locations were spread throughout southeastern Wisconsin at Shoreland Lutheran High School, Winnebago Lutheran Academy, Fox Valley Lutheran High School and Lakeside Lutheran High School.

Pewaukee High School hosted a one day drive on October 15th.

"I am thrilled to be able to donate in support of an organization dedicated to helping the youth in our community," said donor Holly Trainor.

CBS 58 News was there when a truck full of bicycles arrived at the Milwaukee DreamBikes location at 2021 N. Doctor M.L.K. Drive.

"We had no idea how many bikes were were going to get," said Adam Pagel, Bike Drive Organizer. "We we're hoping for 50 or 60 . We're getting that at one location. It's amazing."

The bicycles will be sold back to the community at half the price, with the larger goal of expanding the use of bicycles in the city of Milwaukee.

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