How to protect your information following Equifax data breach

NOW: How to protect your information following Equifax data breach

The credit reporting company, Equifax revealed that it was hit by the cyber attack early this year.

It's a hack that compromised the personal information of 143-million Americans and something experts say, is more serious than some may think.

"Very sensitive information. With this information, bad guys can open up bank accounts. Bad guys can open up credit cards. Bad guys can take out loans pretending they are you," said Gjeret Stein with Sensible Gurus.

Gjeret Stein with Sensible Gurus says 74% of people use the same password for most websites, making it easier for hackers.

Although, it's still unclear how this hack happened or who is behind it. Stein believes it could have been prevented.

"Whether it was better testing, there was better password controls. Because there was a breach, somebody did something wrong."

Stein says fraud could happen when you least expect it, and it's best to freeze your credit.

"With that freeze, you will get a pin number. When you want to release that freeze, so you can take out a loan, that helps protect your credit."

To see if you have been compromised, visit our links section for more information. 

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