How to keep pets safe in frigid temperatures

NOW: How to keep pets safe in frigid temperatures

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) – Dangerously cold temperatures aren't just a risk for humans, they're also hazardous for our four-legged friends.  

Wind chills could be as low as -30° Friday morning and a wind chill advisory is in effect for Thursday night and Friday morning. Hypothermia and frostbite can set in very quickly if pets are left outside.

"We've already seen several cases of frostbite this year, especially to animals' ears and tails which are the most susceptible parts of their body. And of course, paw pads being so soft are at risk of both frostbite and then irritation from salt or ice," says Angela Speed with the Wisconsin Humane Society. 

Angela adds to brush off your pet's paws after they come inside to remove any potential anti-freeze or de-icing chemicals. 

Below are some other tips from HAWS of Waukesha to keep pets safe.

  • Keep all pets indoors when the temperature dips, other than for short walks and potty breaks!
  • Short-coated dogs may need a coat or sweater during walks.
  • Protect those paws!! Baby socks or a coat of Vaseline can help. Remember, salt and other chemicals used to melt snow and ice on sidewalks and roadways can irritate the pads of your pet's feet, so always wipe paws with a damp towel after coming inside – even if you don't see salt on walkways.
  • Antifreeze is a deadly poison with a sweet taste that attracts animals, so wipe up spills and store antifreeze out of reach.
  • Watch for signs of hypothermia in your pet: weakness, dilated pupils, decreased heart rate, extreme shivering, unconsciousness. Contact your veterinarian with concerns

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