How to generate some fireworks into your job search

NOW: How to generate some fireworks into your job search

It's a job candidate's market when it comes to looking for work these days.

"There's over 6 million positions available in the U.S." says Robert Half Metro Market Manager Jim Jeffers. "And with unemployment at 4.3% it's a candidate driven market. Candidates with skills who are looking have a lot of options."

No matter what your chosen profession, be it finance and accounting, skilled trades or IT management, the one thing that holds true for every job seeker is a resume free from typos.

"Make sure you proof read and have a mentor looking over it," suggests Jeffers. "We always say the best time to look for a job is when you already have one."

Another reason for the increase in vacancies might be a company's interior challenges to fast tracking the interview process.

Jeffers says companies might have a plan on how they're going to fill a position.

Too often, simple things are overlooked.

That can delay getting the right person for the right job.

"Do they have a description written up?" asked Jeffers. "Are they going to stay true to that? When resumes start coming in what are they looking for in that resume? And then are they offering a competitive wage?"

Jeffers says a lot of local companies are looking to hire and it's the ones with the best wages who are going to get qualified candidates quickly.

"Even as a candidate you have to go in with a plan," says Jeffers. "What are you looking for in a wage? Do your research on line. Go to salary guides and talk with a mentor. That's the best way to approach that."

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