How to Find Renewed Inspiration to Pursue Your Life Goals with Claude McFarlane

"A lot of times people lose their passion, because they're just not sure of themselves," says Claude McFarlane the founder of the McFarlane Group which has developed a set of presentations aimed at helping people tap into their full potential.

McFarlane has been a guest on the CBS 58 News at 4 on Fridays for several weeks now.

Recent he spoke about self motivation and finding inspiration.

"The motivator is what's inside of you," explained McFarlane. "What makes you happy when money isn't even a factor."

McFarlane draws the parallels with the seek and the oak tree.

If you don't nurture the seed of your passion, you can't get the dream of the oak tree.

"Do what's right for you, not what people tell you is right for you. Not what the world wants me to do, what I want to do for myself."

McFarlane says in order to identify your true passion, expose yourself to different avenues and  try different things.

"Look at all the things that life has to offer and use that to filter where your passion is, not what you're trained to be told your passion is."

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 McFarlane is also taking viewers questions.

For example, a 32 year old passed over from promotion because of leadership skills.

McFarlane's advice: 

You have to take it as opportunity for growth.

Where do you want to be?

Identify the skills sets.

Enhance those skills sets so you have the principles to do the leadership role.

"A good leader is someone who can inspire their team and really learn what makes the individuals in their team work."

Another question revolved around disagreeing with a supervisor or boss and not fearing repercussions.

McFarlane's advice:

Be respectful.

Acknowledge importance of feedback.

Show how what you suggested can compliment original selection or idea.

Seek more feedback.

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