How fast is too fast? Debate over Wisconsin interstate speed continues

Is there a need for more speed on Wisconsin interstates and major highways? A renewed push to raise the speed limit to 70 miles per hour is gaining traction. In fact two Republican lawmakers are seeking co-sponsors for a bill that will be introduced next week.

Right now, Wisconsin is the only state in the Midwest to have a speed limit of 65 miles per hour. \"Our roads here are definitely capable of handling the 70 mph speeds. They're built very well, the visibility is very good and they're kept up,' said Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth. Some local drivers agree. 

\"Everybody's doing more than 65,  I'm on the road everyday, doing 65 miles per hour because my truck is blocked at that. Everyone is passing me. They're doing at least 70, 75 miles per hour,\" said one truck driver. 

Drivers beware. Sheriff Beth says with higher speeds officers may be more vigilant than they are right now. 

\"Do some officers give discretion for a few miles over the limit? They do. If the speed limit were to go up to 70 could I see that discretion shrinking? Yeah, I could see that too,\" said Beth.  

But there are concerns about safety, especially in bad conditions. 

 \"I don't know if we need it to be faster, especially with the seasons and snow if people are already going 5-10 MPH over and then if you increase the speeds are they still gonna go that much faster?\" said a driver. 

Sheriff Beth says no matter what the speed in Wisconsin, you have to follow the law. 

\"It isn't like were turning everyone loose at 70 miles per hour and saying on snowy days you're still allowed to go that fast. You're still responsible for traveling at a rate of speed that keeps you safe,\" said Beth. 

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