Hopes and ticket prices rise ahead of Packers pivotal game vs. Lions

NOW: Hopes and ticket prices rise ahead of Packers pivotal game vs. Lions

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Green Bay Packers face off against the Detroit Lions on Sunday, Jan. 8 in a game that will determine if the green and gold make the playoffs.

A series of crucial victories down the stretch of the end of the regular season for the Packers positioned them to have a chance to clinch a spot to compete for the postseason.

"Everyone had them out," a Packers fan told CBS 58 on Thursday. "Not Aaron Rodgers, though. He believed and we did it, we're there one win away."

The rising enthusiasm among fans has also led to rising ticket prices for Sunday's game which only a few weeks ago appeared to have little significance but now has major implications.

"As soon as they beat Minnesota, I mean, it was night and day," James Bryce Jr. of Ticket King in Milwaukee told CBS 58. "You know, that week before that Vikings game you could've gotten in for like $70 for that Lions game."

Now those prices have changed.

"Right now, we've got seats starting at right around $150, $155 a ticket, you know, just kind of getting in the door," Bryce said. "You get yourself to the 100 level you're looking at right around $175 and up and of course yard lines are going to be more."

Secondary market sites like StubHub show seats closer to the field going north of $300 and $400.

Bryce encourages people to go to trusted secondary market sources in order to avoid potential scams.

More information on tickets for Sunday's games on the secondary market can be found here.

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