Hop to The Racine Art Museum for The Annual "PEEPS" Show

It's definitely a marshmallow world at the Racine Art Museum for a few more weeks. The annual \"PEEPS\" Exhibit is on full display through April 23rd. You'll see more than 130 pieces from various artists who have probably gotten a sugar high by now. The works fit into different categories, including politics and entertainment.

There's even a self-portrait of CBS58 reporter Jacob Kittilstad. By the way, this is one of the most popular shows for the entire year. At least four thousand people are expected.

You have the chance to vote for your favorite \"PEEP\" display. This winner will get the coveted \"Peeple's\" Choice Award. I should also mention the exhibit is free to the public this Saturday, the day before Easter, between 3 and 7pm. Donations, however, are always welcome.

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