Homeschool Day at Discovery World

Discovery World will be turned into your own personal classroom on Tuesday, December 3. Whether you've been to Homeschool Day at Discovery World before or it's your first time, you're sure to enjoy these hands-on experiences.

Your family will participate in labs and other new activities with other homeschooling families. It's a great opportunity for you to meet other parents who choose to homeschool. Students will have an enjoyable time interacting with others as they participate in educational and fun activities.

After many discussions with recent Homeschool Day participants, we are excited to announce that the upcoming event will feature Anatomy and Physiology Labs. Some of the innovative labs that will be offered include Bloodstain Analysis, Incriminating Skeletons, and Solving the Disease Mystery.

Another exciting portion of next month's Homeschool Day is a pair of Poster Printing Labs that are available to both students and parents. Be sure to sign up for Beautiful Beating Heart Poster Printing and Your Brain as a 3D Map Poster Printing.

Please take a look at the schedule of labs below and choose activities appropriate for the ages of students in your family. Each student may sign up for as many experiences as he or she chooses.

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