Homeowners facing $11,000 bill for new sewer pump

NOW: Homeowners facing $11,000 bill for new sewer pump


RIVER HILLS (CBS 58) - A group of homeowners in River Hills were surprised after getting a notice that they could be responsible for an $11,404 bill from the village.

But not everyone got the bill, just one neighborhood.

The money would cover a new sewer pump lift station at the corner of Lodgewood Court and Manor Lane.

The village says the pump is necessary, but it only services about 20 homes.

Village leaders are trying to decide if it’s fair to charge everyone for something that only a few people use.

“My first reaction was shock cause it’s a lot of money,” said Anna Marie Lieske.

Lieske is one of about 20 homeowners who received notice about the cost of the pump.

“Not happy with it but I think it is what it is, we have to pay it,” said Lieske.

The current pump is almost 40 years old and needs to be replaced.

“We see the repairmen quite often, and whenever there’s heavy rain they’re out here so I knew that it needed attention, some additional work,” said Lieske.

Village leaders initially didn’t think it was fair to stick everyone in the village with the bill.

But not everyone agrees. We talked to a homeowner who didn’t want to go on camera who said the decision doesn’t make sense.

They say they’re not in an association that has special benefits. They also say everyone in the village pays taxes for things they don’t use, this pump shouldn’t be any different.

Lieske says she understands where her neighbors are coming from, especially given the high price tag.

“It’ll hurt,” said Lieske, “there’s no question about it but I don’t know that we have much choice, we don’t want flooding in our basement and that’s what will happen if we don’t take care of it.”

The village decided to hold off on making a decision about how to pay for the pump until their November meeting.

If they decide only 20 or so homeowners will be charged, homeowners can choose to pay the $11,404 bill, with interest, over 10 years.

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