Holtger on the Fast Track

NOW: Holtger on the Fast Track

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Wisconsin’s John Holtger got his driver’s license without taking a road test.

But you don’t need to look over your shoulder on the highway, he’s been ready for eleven years.

Go-karts, trucks, cars, the 16-year-old has been racing since he was five.

“It’s just all around a really fun time. Really anything I can get my hands on I would be willing to try.”

He’s willing to try, and chances are he’ll excel. Holtger just won the Pro Lite title in Championship Off-Road Racing.

“Everything that needed to happen for me to win a championship happened. It’s a crazy occurrence. I knew I was going to do it at some time but I didn’t think right away.”

He’s on the fast track to a successful racing career.

There’s only one person that can make him hit the brakes.

John says driving on the regular roads with his mom is as stressful as a race because she keeps telling him to slow down.

Good luck with that! 

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