Hoan Bridge neighbors say overnight work is loud and disruptive

MILWAUKEE -- People who live near the Hoan Bridge say construction workers are in the right place but at the wrong time.

They say the concrete-crushing jackhammers are being used between 8 p.m. and as early as 3 a.m.--keeping them awake.

\"The noise is bone-jarring and excessive, yet the (Wisconsin Department of Transportation) believes they are exempt from the city's noise ordinance,\" said Alderman Robert Bauman, whose district includes the Historic Third Ward.

Residents and business owners say the work is only taking place at night.

\"This is unacceptable to me and to the residents who live just blocks away from the bridge,\" Bauman said.

Demolition crews were seen working on the bridge just after midnight Friday.

Work on the bridge is expected to last through late 2015.

Bauman, also chair of the Public Works Committee, will lead a press conference on the issue at 10 a.m. Friday at City Hall. 


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