Hit and run sends Milwaukee woman's dog to hospital, community steps up

NOW: Hit and run sends Milwaukee woman’s dog to hospital, community steps up

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Rebecca Hottinger is only walking one of her dogs today, as her French Bulldog Archie recovers at the vet following a hit and run.

"They slowed down to see what they hit, and I'm sure they heard me screaming and running towards my dog to get him out of the street and they just sped off," Hottinger said.

She didn't think he would make it.

"There's a trail of blood," Hottinger said. "There's a puddle of blood from when I was getting him into the car. There's a puddle by the back door for when I was screaming for my roommate to come take us to the ER."

Hottinger already paid $1,500 to help keep Archie alive, and he's now stable. But vets say he'll need $4,500 more in treatment.

"A very big laceration across his nose fold that they think might need to be repaired. His left hind leg is fractured, I'm really surprised it's not completely broken."

Muskego Ave, where the incident happened, has a speed limit of 30 miles per hour, but several neighbors say, the cars drive much faster.

There's a school nearby, and neighbors say the city needs to find a way to slow down traffic.

"That's just a scary thing with summer coming up. You know, to see my dog get hit, I couldn't imagine somebody's toddler getting hit too."

Hottinger's friend posted a Facebook fundraiser for Archie. In just one day, it raised more than $3,000.

You can donate to that page here.

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