History and architecture come together for Milwaukee's virtual 'Doors Open'

NOW: History and architecture come together for Milwaukee’s virtual ’Doors Open’

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A total of 70 historic Milwaukee buildings and 16 different neighborhoods will be front and center the next few weeks starting Saturday, Sept. 26, for the annual "Doors Open." 

Usually, it's an in-person event, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of what you'll see will be virtual. However, a few locations, like the Dubble Dutch -- a historic boutique hotel in the EastTown neighborhood -- will be open to the public in limited numbers at a time. 

Organizers say whether you're making discoveries online or up close and personally, the experience of what you're learning is invaluable when it comes to our city's rich history and architecture.

"Doors Open" runs Sept. 26 through Oct.11.  Most of the free event is virtual, but there are some exceptions. To see a list of everything you'll see on the various tours, click right here

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