Historic Bucks victory sends fans to pro shop to gear up for NBA finals

NOW: Historic Bucks victory sends fans to pro shop to gear up for NBA finals

By: Alejandra Palacios Perez 

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Bucks win against the Atlanta Hawks that landed them a ticket in the NBA finals had fans celebrating big across the state. Some excited fans couldn't wait any longer to buy new Bucks merchandise and rushed to the nearest store after the game.

Fans made their way to the Bucks Pro Shop Saturday night and Sunday morning to stock up on Bucks finals gear to show their Bucks pride and remember the big win for the team.

"I love being a Bucks fan! After all these years of not making it to the finals this is amazing!" said Matthew Valentino, a Bucks fan who was at the Deer District Saturday night.

"This is so much fun! I'll never forget this night," said Chris Hampton, a Bucks fan who celebrated the win at the Deer District Saturday night.

The joy of the Bucks going to the NBA finals is felt throughout the state and especially the Deer District. Chrysta Jorgensen, the director of retail for the Milwaukee Bucks, described the chaos they experienced at the pro shop.

"We were here until one in the morning. Fans had come down throughout the evening and then this morning when we got here when the store opened at 11, we had well over 200 people in line," said Jorgensen.

"I mean, to come out this early in the morning on a holiday and to spend your holiday standing in line, it's a big deal," said Marsha Ward, a Bucks fan who waited in line outside the pro shop Sunday morning to buy some Bucks merchandise for her and her family.

Ward was part of the Deer District atmosphere Saturday night and said it was a special moment to be a part of.

"It almost brought tears to my eyes because we've never seen anything like this. We've seen it in other cities but not our city," said Ward.

"It is a once in a lifetime experience for the staff, the retail team, our executives, our players, our coaching staff, but then for the fans and for Milwaukee, it has been a long time coming," said Jorgensen.

"1974, I was a senior in high school last time they went to the playoffs. Watching the game I was kind of stunned. Without Giannis we kind of figured we'd lose one, maybe two games and maybe win back at home but it's all good. They played great as a team. It was exciting," said Dan Braun, a Bucks fan who was waiting in line outside the Pro Shop Sunday morning with wife, Kathy.

The Bucks making it this far in the NBA finals is a moment many have been waiting for and now that it's finally here, fans are soaking it in and look forward to representing the Bucks and cheering them on.

"It's great for Wisconsin! This is huge, it’s a big deal," said Kathy.

"We are all here for a common goal: Get merchandise, represent the Bucks and hopefully they bring it all home," said Ward.

Jorgensen said the Pro Shop is selling Bucks finals merchandise online and said they will continue stocking up on new Bucks products. They are pre-selling 'Bucks in Six Eastern Conference Champs' merchandise online too. Click here to purchase.

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