Hillary Clinton Talks College Affordability at Milwaukee Stop

CBS 58— Wisconsin’s presidential primary is just eight days away, and candidates are all over the state and here in the Milwaukee area.

Hillary Clinton addressed supporters at the Boys and Girls Club on Sherman Avenue in Milwaukee. Clinton’s wide-ranging speech hit on the economy and her plans to grow small businesses. She also took aim at Governor Scott Walker and pledged her support to unions.

Clinton also outlined what she called one of the biggest differences between her and her opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont); college affordability plans.

“I want to make college affordable again,” Clinton said.

Clinton called Sen. Sanders plan for free college, unrealistic.

“Here's the problem [with Sander’s plan], I don't believe we should be asking you to pay taxes to send Donald Trump’s kids to college for free,” Clinton said. “I think if you're wealthy you should pay for college yourself, and we should focus on middle class and poor families.”

It's a message that resonated with supporters.

“The higher education bubble is becoming a serious issue, and I want to hear the presidential candidates talk about their ideas,” said Alex Gill, a Clinton supporter.

Clinton added that as part of her plan, students receiving free tuition would need to work for their university 10 hours a week.

“She’s my candidate because I believe that she will actually get all of her plans done,” said supporter Zion Little.

Clinton still holds a sizable delegate lead over Sen, Sanders, but she is looking to regain momentum after losing three caucuses over the weekend.

Sanders didn't make any public appearances in the state Monday, but he will be back on the campaign trail in Wisconsin Tuesday, including a stop in Milwaukee.

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