High risk alert for swimmers at beaches along Lake Michigan

MILWAUKEE -- If you plan to take a dip in Lake Michigan, a word of warning.

The National Weather Service Wednesday issued a high risk swimming alert.

The agency said waves could reach four to seven feet high at beaches in Milwaukee.

Add to that the possibility of rip currents and conditions could be difficult for even the experienced swimmer.

At Bradford Beach, a jet ski on Lake Michigan didn't appear to have any problems navigating the strong current, but it took some extra work to push a row boat out into the water.

Mackenize Kilness didn't know about the day's high risk beach hazard, but didn't feel he was in danger.

\"It's a good idea for people that know they're not the best swimmers,\" he said. \"But I mean, I wasn't going to go out in deep water or anything, just hang out near the shallows just to make sure.\"

The beach hazard warning is a new program by the NWS this year to make sure people can plan for the beach before they get there

It's issued every day by 5 a.m.

You can read the latest beach hazard warning here.

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