Helping grieving veterans and families this Memorial Day

NOW: Helping grieving veterans and families this Memorial Day

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- "I think that in general, veterans undervalue their own service. We all make those sacrifices regardless of how many years you were in, what era, whether you were deployed or not."

That's something we don't often hear about, especially since we're spending this Memorial Day honoring the service and sacrifices made by veterans. And it's not only the veterans who feel undervalued.

"Family members go through a lot of the same sacrifices and sometimes even more than the vets themselves do," said Dr. Gregory Burek, veteran and psychiatrist. "And then if that soldier, airman, Marine, sailor gave that ultimate sacrifice, it's the family that's gonna feel it."

Doctors from Aurora's Veteran Retraining Program say that while grieving by veterans and their families is normal, there are signs that indicate they may be struggling to cope. 

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