"He'll be Missed:" Friends, Family say Goodbye to Greg "Ziggy" Zyszkiewicz

“He’ll be Missed: “ Friends, Family say Goodbye to Greg “Ziggy“ Zyszkiewicz

As friends and family filed into Christ Church off Oklahoma Avenue Tuesday evening, church organizers quickly realized they would need more chairs.

A capacity crowd filled the main sanctuary, balcony, and overflow room, prompting a simple response from family members.

     "I knew there would be support, but I never expected this." 

It was a touching tribute to a man known for impacting so many lives. Greg Zyszkiewicz, known as "Ziggy" was shot and killed on the job last week. 

     "He was a good guy all the way around," said Co-worker Ricky Cooks. "This was something I'd never expect. Very tragic." 

Ziggy's service focused not on the circumstances surrounding his death, but on celebrating his adventurous life. Family members called him "their superman". 

     "He was funny, he was always the life of the party," said Margie Bland.

Zyskiewicz was more than just a city worker, he was a scout master, marathon runner, climber, and army veteran.

He's set to be buried Wednesday morning with full military honors.

     "It's good to see him going home, he was a good man," says Cooks. "We know where he's going." 

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