Heating problems at Shorewood Apartment Complex

SHOREWOOD-- Heat may be included, but residents at one Shorewood apartment complex say they are being left in the cold.  While some tenants are calling on the property managers, others may resort to more extreme measures.  

Unseasonably cold weather has some residents shivering inside Shorewood East Apartments.

\"We have to bring our own heater,\" said Sunny Singh, a tenant. 

The sign outside Shorewood East says heat is included, but until the heat gets turned on, some residents must rely on space heaters to stay warm.

\"When the heater is on the electricity, we have to pay for the electricity,\" said Singh, referring to space heater use. 

Singh has lived at Shorewood East for about a year.

\"They never turn on the heat unless the temperature goes below 5-degrees celsius,\" he explained.

5-degrees celsius is about 41-degrees fahrenheit-- and for many residents, that's too cold to be without heat.

\"Part of the reason why we picked this apartment is everything is included, the heat and the air,\" said Ashley Bowers.

The company that manages Shorewood East told CBS-58 after several calls from tenants-- they plan to turn on the heaters in the next few days.

\"This is a great place to live it really is,\" said Bowers.

With plans to move at the end of the month-- Singh says he's had enough.

\"It's awful,\" said Bowers, \"I'm telling you now, there's a reason why we signed the lease as well today.\"

The management company also told CBS-58 they're willing to make adjustments for residents who require space heaters and help cover the extra cost on their electric bill.

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