Heat wave expected this weekend

The temperatures have been up and down all month long in the Badger State, especially in southeastern Wisconsin. Two weekends ago, we had a mini heat wave with two days in the 90s in Milwaukee. So far this year, we have had three days in the 90s. The next big warm up and heat wave could bring a chance of three or four days.

A large dome of high pressure will block any cool air from entering it and drive temperatures well above average. On a normal year, Milwaukee will see about 9 days in the 90s. So, 90s are rather normal, yet we sometimes forget to take precautions. Make sure you’re not spending a lot of time outside without water, sunscreen and shade. Remember if you cannot take the heat, either can the little ones, the elderly, and pets. Please find safe places for them.

The heat index could skyrocket above 100 degrees, or what the temperatures will feel like with the higher humidity levels. Don’t be surprised if a heat advisory is issued. The big heat will scout on out by early next week with a cold front, but temperatures are still expected to linger in the 80s for most of next week’s work week.

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