Heat finally returns to Wisconsin this Memorial Day Weekend

NOW: Heat finally returns to Wisconsin this Memorial Day Weekend

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Memorial Day Weekend heat has been a long time coming for Wisconsinites. People packed Milwaukee streets, parks and the Bradford Beach Saturday.  

It hasn’t been this hot in the Milwaukee area since September 2017. Hundreds took the opportunity to catch some sun at Milwaukee’s Bradford Beach.

“Amazing,” a beachgoer said. “Considering it's been freezing the last four months here so I'm happy.”

Just last week, people were wearing light jackets and now they’re taking in high 80 temps in shorts and t-shirts. But, the heat is leaving many unprepared.

“We were going to walk to the beach, but we had to walk back two times because we were like we need sunscreen, aloe,” Beachgoer Jacob Bishop said.

Dr. Laura Marusinec with Children's Hospital of Wisconsin expects that many are not ready for the heat.

“It's been like 40 degrees not long ago so I call this ‘Wimmer’, basically going from Winter to Summer, so people aren't prepared,” Dr. Marusinec said.

Dr. Marusinec advises people not to be too active for long periods outside when it’s this hot.

“A lot of our kids are doing spring sports right now, and they're not prepared for the hot weather,” Dr. Marusinec. “We really recommended when it's this hot, 90 degrees really taking it easy.”

More advice from Dr. Laura Marusinec:

- Don’t forget sunscreen

-Stay hydrated by drinking water and avoiding sugary drinks

-Never leave your child unattended in a hot car, even for a quick moment

Dr. Pete Gaveras of Silver Spring Animal Wellness Center shares how to take care of your pets in the heat:

-Be cautious when walking your dog, as very hot asphalt or concrete can burn your pet’s paws

-Keep fresh, cool water available

-Recognize the signs of a heat stroke: fast heart rate, panting, dark tongues, disoriented. If you see this, cool the pet down and bring them to vet right away

-Don’t keep our pet unsupervised by a pool, as not all pets can swim

-Do not leave your dog unattended in a hot car  

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