Heat advisory issued, feels like temps pushing 110°

NOW: Heat advisory issued, feels like temps pushing 110°

Still warm and humid on Wednesday with feel like temps reaching 90° in some spots. The heat really builds Thursday and Friday and a heat advisory has been issued. The heat advisory goes into effect at noon on Thursday and lasts the rest of Thursday and all day Friday until 11 p.m. 

One question mark in the temperature forecast is the impact a round of storms will have Thursday morning. The chance for drenching rain Thursday morning is increasing and a few stronger storms may even be possible. If the rain or associated clouds linger a little longer on Thursday, temperatures might not be as hot.

We are on record watch Thursday and Friday with high temperatures close to records. Friday's record looks the most attainable with a current forecast of 95°. The trend has been for slightly lower temps on Saturday so we stay away from the 100° record there.

Humidity will be a big problem the rest of the week. Dew points are very humid on Wednesday but really increase Thursday and Friday into the middle 70s feeling oppressive at times. 

The combination of the heat and humidity will push feel like temps well above 100° in some spots. 

The heat will be dangerous so if you spend time outside make sure to drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks. Avoid too much alcohol. Check in on the elderly and those without AC and let pets take breaks indoors. 

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