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Hearings continue in Slenderman case for Anissa Weier

The Slenderman hearing continues on Wednesday. 

They're painting a picture of Anissa Weier as a good kid, but a victim who was called a \"monster\" by other kids in the facility because of the accusations against her in the Slenderman case.

Weier walked into the courtroom with her hands cuffed earlier this morning.

Her attorney has been trying to move this case into juvenile court.

The director of the Washington County juvenile facility described Weier as a good kid, but she was placed on suicide watch after a group of girls ganged up on her.

Weier's teacher also took the stand-- he described Weier as a mother hen who looked out for other students in class and said he wished he had a classroom full of Anissas.

All witnesses described her as polite and cooperative, with few behavior problems.

Through testimony-- defense also made it clear that Weier wants little to do with the other suspect in this stabbing case.

\"She seemed kind of concerned about, will Morgan ever have to be placed in the same cell as me where I'm house, or will I have to see her in class, are we going to be in the same class, things like that,\" said Nicole Sakac, Washington County- Juvenile Detention Manager.

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