HEAR WI Celebrates 90 Years of Letting Families Choose Their Own Path for Their Hearing Impaired Child's Success

May is Better Speech and Hearing Month.

It's an opportunity to shine a light on an issue that affects millions of people across the country.

According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, nearly 20 percent of Americans (48 million) suffer some degree of hearing loss.

In Milwaukee, HEAR WI has been serving Wisconsin’s more than 500,000 individuals with hearing loss for 90 years.

Executive Director Richard Phalen was a special live guest Wednesday on the CBS 58 News at 4.

This May, the organization is celebrating nine decades of service with a 90th Anniversary Gala. This story provides an opportunity to raise awareness about communication disorders and what it takes to provide life-altering treatment. 

Because there is no one right way for every person or family to cope with the challenges of hearing loss, HEAR WI provides services across the spectrum of communication and technology options.

HEAR WI prides itself on allowing clients to make decisions and select a treatment plan that best meets their needs and goals.

The team of professionals includes Speech-Language Pathologists, Audiologists, Sign Language Interpreters and Wisconsin’s only Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist, as well as other specialists in Deaf education and assistive technology.

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