Healthcare worker accused of giving marijuana to patient

NOW: Healthcare worker accused of giving marijuana to patient

A Walworth County healthcare worker is out of a job after being accused of giving marijuana to a patient in December.

Ann Marie Schackmuth is now just a few steps aways from trial. She and her attorney waived their right to a preliminary hearing during a court appearance Monday. She plead not guilty to charges of "Manufacture/Deliver THC" and

"Possess/Illegally Obtained Prescription."

Her attorney, Julie May, wouldn't comment on the case, but did talk about Schackmuth.

"My client is a very kind, hardworking and frankly pretty funny woman, and she has spent her entire career devoted to helping people in need," said May.

According to the criminal complaint, one of the owners at 'Just Like Home' living facility in Elkhorn called the sheriff's office last month when they smelled marijuana in a patient's room. It states the patient, 42-year-old Neil Ahler, told workers Ann Marie Schackmuth got it for him.

Ahler has Multiple sclerosis, and he says marijuana helps him sleep through the night. When asked about Schackmuth's arrest, Ahler says the situation is "crappy."

Deputies arrested schackmuth during a traffic stop, and according to criminal documents she admitted to supplying Neil Ahler marijuana, and told them she has done it on several occasions and other staff members are "okay with it." When Schackmuth was arrested, deputies also found pain pills that were not prescribed to her in the car.

The lawyer for 'Just Like Home' assisted living says the facility has to protect their clients, and that he's doesn't believe this is a "robinhood" situation saying, "CBD does all things without hallucinogenic qualities. One would think if you wanted to provide that relief, you would get CBD." Although, he wouldn't say whether anyone as the facility requested medical marijuana or CBD.

Schackmuth is no longer working at the assisted living. Her lawyer says her clients actions are always caring.

"We need to make sure everyone is aware of what a special woman this is," said May.

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