"He needs a van so that he can experience life:" Wish granted for 2-year-old who wasn't expected to live long

NOW: “He needs a van so that he can experience life:“ Wish granted for 2-year-old who wasn’t expected to live long

Two-year-old Charlie Salchert is enjoying being a toddler thanks to Make-A-Wish. We introduced you to Charlie and his family last year.

The Salchert's take in babies on hospice, to give them love on their last days.

For most families, a trip to the zoo or the beach is just as easy as packing up the kids, but for the Salchert family, it wasn't even an option until Make A Wish stepped in.

We met Cori, Charlie, and their family last year. The Salchert family takes in babies on hospice to give them love in their last days. That love has gone a long way.

"He turned two last year and wasn't necessarily going to make it until two and you know what, he's just settled in and decided I'm here to stay," said Cori Salchert, Charlie's mother.

Charlie has lived longer than expected, so the family is planning for his future.

"He's going to get bigger, he's going to get heavier, how in the world are we supposed to transport this child?"

Cori used to have to lift Charlie into her van. Now, with the help of Make-A-Wish and the touch of a button, the mechanics do all the work.

"The van pulled up, she opened it, and we had to literally lift him up and put him in. I said, oh my gosh how do you do this," said Jan Sartori with Make-A-Wish.

Jan Sartori made it all happen. First, the van was donated. Then, Make-A-Wish helped make it accessible.

"He needs a van so that he can experience life, so he can go down the street and go to the water and swim and put his feet in the sand," said Sartori.

"Some independence to be able to go places other than just to the hospital or just to the doctor."

Charlie can't tell his family where he wants to go, but mom already knows where she'll take him.

"So we are fully accessible, ready to roll down the road and roll the windows down, crank up the music and let the wind blow through their hair. We could go places like grandmas or to the zoo," said Cori Salchert.

The van wasn't the only present Charlie got today. He was also given an assortment of lollipops, his favorite, that he can now enjoy on the family outings he's able to take. If you'd like to learn more about helping families like the Salcherts, click here

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