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"He is here, he is robbing us." Town of Brookfield Police need your help finding armed robbery suspect at Aldi Store

Town of Brookfield Police describe the armed robbery suspect as a black male with a thin build. He is between 5'7" and 5'9". 

The suspect walked into the Aldi Grocery Store on Bluemound Road Saturday evening. An employee thought she recognized the suspect.

“She looked at him, she immediately thought of the sketch they had in their office and thought that could be the guy and after not being able to find him. They called just to do a walk through," said Sgt. Det. Gwen Bruckner with the Town of Brookfield Police Department. 

The employee was on the phone with the dispathers for about two minutes when there was a long pause. 

"He is here, he is robbing us," she said.

The 911 dispatcher then replied, "Is he still there, mam?"

She then hangs up the phone. Town of Brookfield Police were there in two minutes and surrounded the building. They also locked down businesses nearby. 

“Potentially there could have been a hostage situation. Its secure people and keep them safe until we can find them or at least deem that he is no longer in the area," said Bruckner.

But after an extensive search police could not find him. They believe he left through the back door. 

The two employees and one customer are okay. 

“We have been in contact with all three of them.  It has been traumatizing for them but they are working through it," said Bruckner.

Police are asking the public for assistance. If you happened to see or hear anything near the Aldi store Saturday night, contact police at (262) 796-3798.

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