"He had a knife:" Armed business owner stops would-be robber

“He had a knife: “ Armed business owner stops would-be robber

WEST ALLIS (CBS 58) -- A man wearing a gas mask walked into a tax place business with a knife and demanded money. 

The incident happened in the 5700 block of National Avenue on St. Patrick's Day around 5:30 p.m. 

"I looked down the stairs and saw a man with a mask and immediately knew something was wrong," said the owner, who did not want to be shown on camera. 

Surveillance video shows the suspect displaying a knife in the lobby and kicking the door near the receptionist's office. That's when the business owner took control of the situation and pulled out his pistol. 

"I told him to stop and exit the building. He saw the pistol and slowly exited," said the owner. 

According to the owner, the suspect followed his demands. He got into a fetal position until police arrived on scene. 

Neighbors said they're glad the owner was able to protect himself. 

“Why would they think they would have cash on hand at a tax place. What is he going to rob a couple 10-40 forms? It doesn’t really make any sense," said Kelly Hoefs, neighbor. 

The owner said he's glad things did not escalate any further. 

"He had a knife and he could have easily stabbed someone. I just I am glad it turned out the way it did," said the owner.

CBS 58 has reached out to West Allis Police Department. We are still waiting to hear if the suspect was charged. 

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