Have You Thanked Your Neighborhood Crossing Guard?

We rely on them every morning to gently and safely guide our children to and from school.

This week MPS and MPD want to make sure the men and women who serve as crossing guards get the recognition they deserve.

Folks like Ken Uhan at Fairview School near KK and Manitoba in Milwaukee.

Lately, his job's been complicated by the ice and some really slippery stretches.

With a steady hand and ready smile, and a whistle ready to blow, Ken has dealt with the tricky conditions with reassurance and joy.

"I've been a crossing guard for 15 years," Uhan tells CBS 58. "I like the kids, the parents, the teachers. The whole nine yards."

Being a crossing guard gave Ken an outlet after he went on disability.

He says he couldn't just stay home.

How fortunate we are to have dedicated guards like him.

Thank you! One and all!

Who's the crossing guard that you think deserve recognition?

Leave a comment and let us know!

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