Hate Those Yard-long CVS Receipts?

(CBS NEWS) CVS (CVS) receipts have become a punchline thanks to their yard-long length, prompting a parody Twitter account and prompting one man to build a mummy costume from them.

But CVS is now vowing to cut down on the paper clutter by going digital with its receipts, at least for members of its rewards club. The option will roll out in June, when ExtraCare Rewards members will be asked if they want to continue receiving paper receipts or switch to digital records. The change was announced on Friday's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," since the host has poked fun at the length of the receipts on his past shows.

The ploy may be designed to get more consumers to sign up for CVS' rewards program, given that the company said to receive digital receipts, customers need to "complete a one-time opt-in process in store that includes enrolling in the ExtraCare Rewards program if they are not already a member." Coupons that were previously printed at the bottom of the receipt will be sent via email, and customers can then use their smartphones to redeem the coupons when they're checking out at a store.

"We heard loud and clear that while our customers love receiving coupons and special offers, many wanted a paperless option," said Helena Foulkes, president of CVS Pharmacy, in a statement.

CVS' rewards membership has about 70 million active members, the company said.

And for those who can't kick the paper habit, they'll still be able to collect those extra-long receipts, rest assured.

"Customers will always be able to specifically request a paper copy of their receipt at the time of the transaction, if they would like to receive one," the company said.

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