Hartland Police investigate possible child sex offender

New details tonight about a suspected child sex offender. Police have accused a Hartland swim instructor of sexually assaulting a toddler. 
CBS 58 learned there may be another victim.
The police report shows that he has worked at the Village's Recreation Center. He is a lifeguard for a swim team at Arrowhead High school and also gave private lessons during the summer.
"Right now we're waiting just to make sure that we've accounted for everybody that allegeded to have been a victim and we believe we're at that point," Deputy Chief Michael Bagin said.
Police said the suspect is 47 years-old.
The Waukesha District Attorney's Office confirmed the sexual assault allegations are under review. 
Hartland Police are waiting for the charges to come down to make their arrest. 
"If a subject is going to be in close proximity to a victim than we may use an arrest to separate them and keep them away from that victim,” Bagin said. 
A 17-page police report said he had already confessed that he would repeatedly grope a three-year-old genitalia over the toddler's shorts. The report also shows he always had jobs that place him around children. He was recently let go from the village's recreation center for violating their policy on touching. He currently served as a lifeguard for a swim team at Arrowhead High School.   
Police also said he has been very cooperative, He turned over his laptop computer where he says he often searched for child pornography. 
"What we did was conducted an investigation to determine how many victims there were and since that takes some time we're pursuing the matter as a referral to the district attorney's office rather than taking the subject into immediate custody,” Bagin said.    
On Monday, Police also learned that he was a physical education teacher at a Catholic school in Waterford. 
Arrowhead High School did not return CBS 58’s calls. At this time we do not know if he was placed on paid administrative pay. 
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