Hand recount begins in Ozaukee County

Ozaukee County is one of 47 counties that have chosen to do the recount by hand.

About 15 tabulators were on hand as the count began Thursday morning at 9 am.

County Clerk Julie Winkelhorst welcomed the tabulators, campaign representatives, and the viewing public before the counting began.

She described the process, saying that it would start by counting the number absentee and traditional ballots and making sure the numbers match with what was recorded on Election Day.

The ballots are then split and counted for each of the presidential candidates and then verified again. 

There was a discrepancy in the number of ballots by one, when recounting the town of Belgium ballots. When all was said in done, the number of votes for both President Elect Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton remained the same as election day.

Ozaukee County had more than 54,000ballots cast. The county clerk expects they will be hand counting those ballots until the deadline of 8pm on December 12.

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