Halloween Express Reveals Best Selling Costumes

According to the folks at Halloween Express, superheroes are dominating costume sales this year. Owner, Jon Majdoch says that's due in part to the "Suicide Squad" movie. He says Harley Quinn is the best seller for women. Majdoch says politics are also popular. 

As to the creepy clown epidemic, Majdoch says they will keep clown masks in stock because of their popularity. 

"We can't be the greatest costume store in the world without carrying clown masks. Every year they are top sellers. Last year, clown masks were 5 out of our top selling masks. This year, they're certainly getting a lot more attention." 

The costume store's billboards are also drawing attention, not because of a crazy costume, but because of the message. "Stop Opioid Abuse." 

"I started talking to friends and relatives and neighbors, and I realized how many people we all know are touched by opioid abuse," said Majdoch. "We've had 17 customers come in and tell us they noticed our billboards, went to the website, and sought help." 

For last minute shoppers, Halloween Express will be open through November 1st. 

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