Gun insurance company set to expand in West Bend

As homicide rates in Milwaukee continue to rise a gun insurance company is expanding in West Bend.

Delta Defense helps insure your legal costs if you use your gun but they say they've already outgrown their facility and are building another. The company says, their membership is simply sky rocketing.

\"Our membership has grown over the last two years 80%.\"

Tim Schmidt, CEO of Delta Defense says to keep up with growing demand they're expanding and building on a larger site in West Bend.

\"People are becoming more aware of their responsibility to be able to protect and defend themselves.\"

The site, located off of paradise road down from the Wal Mart, would be a boost for the city.

 T.J. Justice, West Bend City Administrator says, \"That's a significant number of jobs they currently employed about 67 individuals between Jackson and West Bend facilities when this facility is finished we would expect them to be closer to about 200 Associates.\"

For Schmidt, it's just business as usual for his clients.

\"We make sure you get good legal representation don't end up going bankrupt or go to jail for hopefully doing the right thing.\"

The vote will happen September 1st. 

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