Groundbreaking Today for $17M Bucks D-League Arena in Oshkosh

NOW: Groundbreaking Today for $17M Bucks D-League Arena in Oshkosh

As work continues on the new Bucks arena in downtown Milwaukee, construction on another arena for the Bucks D-League team is just beginning with a groundbreaking in Oshkosh. 

In eight months, according to the general contractor, a new $17 million dollar arena will stand in a space that was completely blighted.

Officials with the Milwaukee Bucks, as well as elected officials from Oshkosh, gathered right on the lakefront off the intersection of South Main Street and Park Avenue for the groundbreaking.

These groups are calling the area "The Sawdust District." Their name for Oshkosh's new entertainment district, with this arena acting as the start of that. The new facility, which is still nameless, will have 3,500 seats for the D-League games as well as concerts and other events. Even people working on the project say they're surprised with how quickly it's all coming together now.

"We are just as excited as all get out to begin the project. And I still will tell you we will be open for November. I'm not sure how they're all going to do it cause I'm not really good with engineering and how you take and turn that piece of dirt into a $17M basketball building but they tell me it will," said Greg Pierce, President of Fox Valley Pro Basketball.

Bucks president Peter Feigin was also in attendance today. He talked about how this is a major step in adding to the team legacy.

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