Grocery Store Boom Continues with Tosa Whole Foods Opening

The new Whole Foods Market in Wauwatosa opens up Wednesday morning.

Just like last week’s Metro Market store opening in Shorewood, the Whole Foods store has a full bar and plenty of other extras.

These stores represent a changing environment where grocery stores are trying to offer something new and bring people in.

The head of the Wisconsin Grocers Association, Brandon Scholz, says Southeast Wisconsin is experiencing a grocery store boom, and it's because the market is here to support it.

He says that means grocery stores can stand out by focusing on very specific customer demands if they want to.

 Scholz said, "They are looking for different things to help position that particular grocery store so that a potential customer or one of their customers looks at the store and says they've got what I want. Or maybe I'll go to that store and see what they have to offer."

Scholz says traditional grocery stores still have their share of loyal customers, and are offering more free samples. 

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