Greyhound passenger claims company lost his luggage, a custom built wheelchair

NOW: Greyhound passenger claims company lost his luggage, a custom built wheelchair


MILWAUKEE, WI (CBS 58) – Peter Adamczak says he was traveling from Virginia to Milwaukee on a Greyhound bus when the company lost his luggage and his custom built wheelchair.

On August 4th Adamczak says he boarded a Greyhound bus from Virginia Beach, VA to Milwaukee with five pieces of luggage and his wheel chair.

“It was a 30 hour bus trip and the gist of it was that they lost my luggage and my wheel chair,” says Adamczak.

Adamczak says as he switched buses and stopped at various terminals, he noticed his items were missing so he alerted staff. He says very little was done to track his items down.

“I was told it was my responsibility to track down the luggage and my wheelchair,” says Adamczak. “You can bet I demanded a refund. Guess how much they gave me? Forty dollars! I paid roughly $150 for the trip”.

Adamczak is 30 years old and has Spina Bifita and relies on his chair to get around.

He’s currently using a loaner chair from a local resource company for people with disabilities.

“It’s not a chair that’s appropriate for everyday use,” explains Adamczak. “It’s a sport chair. It’s a little dangerous to try and use this chair everyday”.

In a statement to CBS 58, Greyhound apologized and said they’re working to find the luggage.

The company’s policy is to try for 90 days to reunite the passenger with the luggage, and if that doesn’t happen the passenger will be compensated up to $250.

“Since I’ve arrived here on Monday I’ve gone to the intermodal station at least 4-5 times to collect my luggage piece mail,” says Adamczak.

Adamczak says he’ll continue making calls and seeking answers, even if it means taking legal action.

“You can bet I’m going to get a lawyer,” says Adamczak. “They messed with the wrong person”.

A spokesperson for the department says they’re continuing to look into this cause but that it could take up to several days to get to the bottom of it.

Adamczak says he’s been able to collect four out of the five pieces of luggage but still no wheelchair.

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