Greenfield Public Library Loan Forgiveness with Donation to Hunger Task Force

If overdue fees are keeping you from visiting the Greenfield Public Library, you should know they want you back.

There is a new loan forgiveness program. Just bring in a food donation.

In exchange, they'll wipe away any fees or fine that you owe.

The library does have a payment plan, but wants to do something a little different that helps the community in more ways than one.

That's our desire to make it possible for everybody, whether they can afford the fines of fees," explained Library Director Sheila O'Brien. "We want to make it possible for everybody to come back to the library system. It's a win, win for the community."

Anyone who returns an overdue book, DVD, or CD owned by the Greenfield Public Library can have eligible fines forgiven in exchange for donating food items to Hunger Task Force. 

Here's how it works:For each long overdue Greenfield Library item returned, the Library will waive the charges in exchange for the donation of two nonperishable food items.  A maximum of 5 long overdue items are eligible for the program and all fine forgiveness must take place in person at the Library during one visit.

If you have long overdue items, but can no longer find the items, the Library will waive fines with donations of non-perishable food items to Hunger Task Force up to a maximum of $25.00.  Each item donated will reduce your outstanding fines by $2.50. Late fees will also be waived, up to maximum of $25.00, with the donation of non-perishable food items.  Each item will reduce your fines account by $2.50.

Only materials owned by the Greenfield Library are eligible for this program, so fine forgiveness does not apply to items owned by other libraries within the Milwaukee County Federated Library System. The maximum amount of eligible fines waived will be for the return of 5 long overdue items or $25.00 in overdue fines, or $25.00 in fines associated with long overdue items not returned.  For those with larger fines and fees, affordable payment plans will be available.

Walk into the Library with an overdue book and a couple cans of food, then walk out with a brand new library card! Bring your old library card if you still have it, and a current photo ID.

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