Green Bay Packers tickets on sale

The 2015 Packers schedule is out, but how easy is it to get your hands on the big ticket games this season.

Believe it or not, you can buy game tickets right now.

But it won't be cheap.

The buzz has started, and fans are calling Ticket King in Milwaukee to get their hands on tickets.

Limited tickets for the Thanksgiving Day home game against the Chicago Bears are available, but the average cost is $400 according to Ticket King.

Brett Favre's jersey will be retired at the Thanksgiving Day game.

\"The Favre thing is a pretty big wildcard”, said Ticket King Owner James Bryce.

\"Coming back, he's making amends with everybody, it's going to be great”, said Packers Fan Greg Clark.

\"With Brett Favre coming back, I think that as a lot of juice to that game”, said Packers Former Running Back Gary Ellerson. “I believe it's the third game on Thanksgiving Day that 7:30 game. So you've been around eating turkey day all day and maybe give you a chance to go back and get thirds for that game. It's a big game for Green Bay.\"

Former Packers Running Back Gary Ellerson says game two of the regular season against the Seattle Seahawks is also a hot ticket.

\"At some point they have to beat the Seattle Seahawks”, said Ellerson. “I think that's what you're looking at them getting that game at Lambeau Field.\"

\"At home I think I can take them this time”, said Packers Fan Greg Clark. \"I'm getting ready to make some calls the next day or so to see about getting tickets. It'll be exciting. It'll be a great season.\"

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