Green Bay Packers superfan celebrates team with traditional mariachi suit

NOW: Green Bay Packers superfan celebrates team with traditional mariachi suit


MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Despite living nearly 1,500 miles away from Green Bay, one man is showing his Packers pride by wearing a traditional Mexican suit.

Marcos Flores, also known as Señor Cheesehead, lives in Corpus Christi, Texas, but claims he's still one of the team's biggest fans, despite being surrounded by Cowboys and Texans fans.

"It's easier now than, it used to be a lot rougher," Flores said.

After being a fan for over two decades, he's created quite the game day ritual that's probably very different from most fans.

Flores says it all started with a trip to Green Bay in 2015 and a gift from his wife.

"It was my birthday weekend. Me and my wife had planned going up there. She ended up finding a green and gold sombrero online and instantly I gravitated towards it," he said.

Flores then followed it up by ordering a custom Mariachi suit.

"I reached out to a company in Guadalajara, Mexico that made custom mariachi outfits, so I asked if they could make one in green and gold," Flores said.

Flores didn't just stop there, he took it one step further.

"I customized it by putting a big Packers patch on the back, all the Super Bowl patches on it. The 13 stars as a G on my back, symbolizing the 13 championships, and showed up to Green Bay in December 2015 and it was like a hit!" Flores said.

Flores says he sometimes encounters some people who don't understand his approach, but said it won't stop him from celebrating his culture and favorite team at the same time.

"People were confused. They didn't understand how a Hispanic from down here would go out of his way to make something so unique," Flores said.

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