Grand Ave Club members help create an impactful piece of art with local mural artist

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Tia Richardson has created about 50 different murals around Milwaukee. Her most recent mural, "Building Community with Compassion" had help from about 40 people.  

You may have to look up to see it, but you can't miss the 28-foot mural on Water Street. It's the side of the Grand Avenue Club building downtown. 

The Grand Avenue Club provides support to adults struggling with mental illness. 

The mural is a reminder to all passing by that there's always someone out there to lend a helping hand, especially at the Grand Avenue Club.

During a creative, collaborative workshop, 40 people at the club helped come up with the concept of the mural.

"In the design workshops, people are free to express what they feel, the challenges that are in their community or in themselves. Different choices they, or others can make to help improve those and what the future looks like as a result of those choices," said Richardson. 

Richardson created a final piece based on all of their ideas, and then they all put their paintbrushes to aluminum. Some of the members called the workshop therapeutic. 

"We are here today at the celebration and we heard some members speak about their experience, and they said it was very relaxing and therapeutic. And it was calming, and created peace and brought people together; and to hear those reactions, that's what I look for in what we set out to do," said Richardson.

The people depicted in the mural are a representation of all of the different backgrounds, ages and mobilities of the Grand Ave Club members. 

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