Governor Walker Tells DOT to Set Priorities for the Budget

Governor Scott Walker said there will be no more borrowing money to pay for road projects.

The state is already facing a $940 million shortfall to fund projects that have already been approved.

Now the governor is telling the DOT to set priorities when it submits its budget tomorrow.

Political observers are already anticipating delays in road upkeep as a result.

This comes at a time when the latest report from the public policy forum finds a dire need for costly road repairs.

It says 56% of Milwaukee city streets are in poor or fair condition and more than 150 county buses need or will need to be replaced soon. 

An estimated $91 million in local state and federal money per year will be required to fix them.

The report did confirm while progress has been made it's not enough.

There's also a need to fix city hall, the police administration building, and Milwaukee County Courthouse.

That's another $260 million.

Officials say they want to see the funding go directly to the city and not through the state.

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