Governor Walker Meets with Faith Community from Sherman Park

Pastors said the meeting with the governor shows how big of an impact the faith community has on making a difference here in Sherman Park.

Governor Walker met with more than 30 pastors today at two different churches in Sherman Park. During his stops, he thanked clergy on encouraging peace during the unrest.

Pastors have been on the grounds in Sherman part since the riots started Saturday night. They say this past weekend's violence does not represent Sherman Park as a whole.

"This is not an unsafe neighborhood that people should stay away from. If you do business in Sherman Park, keep doing business in Sherman Park. If you have friends who live here, still come and visit. If you have any reason to come to Sherman Park, come. Don't stay away,” said Tyler Loomis, pastor, City Brook Church.

Pastors said they'll continue to hit the streets in Sherman park.. And work on building better relationships with families there. 

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