Governor Walker honors veterans at Capitol

When President Wilson declared November 11th Veteran's Day in 1919, he said it was a time to show solemn pride for those who serve our country. And before the official holiday on Tuesday a special ceremony in Madison Friday.

Governor Walker joined staff members from the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs to honor Wisconsin's veterans who have fought, and those who are still fighting.

The ceremony lasted about an hour today inside the state Capitol. Vietnam veteran Don Heiliger shared his story of being caught overseas, and being held as a prisoner of war.

After that, Walker honored him and three other veterans. Along with two veterans groups.

During walker's speech to the crowd, he talked about how important it is to remember what Wisconsin veterans have done for this country.

He also reminded people there are soldiers from Wisconsin who are still deployed overseas right now.

\"Lets make sure tonight we go to bed and say our prayers and we don't forget those men and women, we don't forget their families and their loved ones. We don't forget their employers who are supporting them and waiting for them to come back home safely.\" Walker said.

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